Just how important your computer is when you use it for business

Anybody who uses a computer for work knows just how important it is. I don’t just mean dabbling on it for stuff here and there – I mean using your computer every single day for a critical (or THE critical part) of your job.

Well, I ran into something that spiked my blood pressure for sure (hence why this post is in my ‘Frustrating’ category).

What happened? I thought I got a horrible virus on my computer. In the end, it wasn’t as bad as I thought, but let me walk you through the whole story.

First things first. I wake up, have some coffee, and start checking my emails. Nothing major going on so it’s a slow morning. After coming back to my computer, I see a weird pop-up message. At first I don’t think much of it. I get pop-ups here and there but nothing overwhelming. Usually I just close them out and move on. However, this claimed to have been a malicious attack on my system files so I was a bit more alarmed than usual. The file in question was csrss.exe. It actually reminds me a bit of this, but this wasn’t exactly it:

I did a bunch of research and called a few people who I trust with computers. From what they said, it could either be a total hoax, or a critical system failure. So, I did some further research on this mystery csrss file to see what was going on. I found this page explaining how to fix the csrss process and it had a lot of great info. The site itself has a bunch of other articles and helpful resources that I bookmarked so I can check out later as well. It’s crazy how many other exe errors exist and learning about the the tips and tricks to fix them.

After taking care of my scan to make sure everything was fine, I am happy to say it was not a malicious breach and instead just some garbage cookie or pop-up message I kept getting. I deleted that and have been running clean ever since!

Here’s what I learned from this fiasco. Take care of your technology, especially if you use it every day. So many people wonder why their stuff doesn’t work – well, they just don’t take very good care of it! Treat your stuff the right way and it will work for you. From a technology standpoint, this means keeping everything updated and clean from these stupid viruses and error messages.

I’m happy to say things are working properly and have been since I ran into this snag. If you every need help with these issues, let me know and I’ll see what I can do!


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